Home Solar Energy System

With regards to energy conservation home solar energy system has been playing a big role. With our current source of energy our environment has been suffering from a major dilemma. Energy produced from fossil fuels has been the major cause of pollution and other toxic waste materials that is not just harmful for the planet, but for the people living in it as well.

With today’s modern technology, an alternative source of energy has been developed and used. Nowadays, a lot of homeowners have been using it because energy produced is not enough to cater everyone’s needs. It is not just the rising costs that triggered the growing market for home solar energy system, but the fact that the demand for electricity has been increasing, and the sources is continuously draining.

Currently, home solar energy system became the hottest rising renewable energy source available in the market. And statistics say that in a not so distant future, every household will be will have their own solar energy systems as a source of their home energy needs. Having your own home solar energy system will not just reduce your electric bills but you will also be helping the environment.

Imagine this, if every household will have their own home solar energy system, then the production of energy from the power stations using fuel fossils will be less, which means they will also emit less toxic and harmful gases. So if all of us will be able to harness a renewable energy source to use for our daily consumption, then we will no longer be dependent on any fossil fuel produced energy.

Let’s look at the big picture. If every household will be able to reduce power consumption, it will also lessen the demand for fossil fuel produced energy. And because we are getting enough power from a home solar energy system as an alternative source, then we will be able to save a large amount of energy mined and transported from fossil fuel plants and this will allow us to conserve and reserve it for a better purpose.

But then again, even if this system maybe the answer to our energy problem people still cannot afford it. Solar electricity panels and hot water panels are already available in the market, but the major concern here is,the panel and the installation cost are quite expensive for an average homeowner. That’s why in some other countries, they are providing renewable energy grants to use for home solar energy system installation.

So if you are planning on switching from the conventional energy source to a more environment friendly alternative, you should check with your local government for information and the terms on how you can actually avail of an energy grant.

From my point of view, the demand for these renewable energy systems will increase dramatically in the next couple of years. Let just hope that this transition is not too late to save the environment.

Creative Ideas for Custom Home Designs

The advancement in information technology has enabled modern people to design their own homes. An individual has option to browse through a large collection of online home designs, along with using home designing software applications to create custom home designs. But a homeowner must remember that the home designing trends and techniques change at frequent intervals. So he must consider several options to design custom homes according to the most recent trends in residential home design.

Ideas to Optimize Your Custom Home Designs

Avoid Cutting Trees

While constructing or renovating a house, people often forget to save trees. You must remember that you can avail several benefits by saving the trees. The tree will keep your home and shaded, while enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Thus, you can save energy bills over a longer period of time. While placing the decks of your house, you must remember the existing trees. The design will make your home more energy-efficient, while reducing the number of trees to be cut down.

Explore Options to Generate Green Energy

You can even consider generating green energy to curtail your monthly electricity bills. However, the choice of energy source will vary based on the location of the property. If your home receives adequate sunlight you can consider installing solar panels. The photo-voltaic panels will generate electricity by converting sunlight.

Similarly, you can consider installing a residential wind turbine if you live in an area with high average wind speed. The wind turbine will generate electricity by harnessing the kinetic power of the wind. The electricity generated through the solar panels or wind turbine can be further stored for future by using batteries or a grid.

Consider Roof Improvements

A number of reports have highlighted that the attic temperature can be reduced by using the right roof color and material. You can always opt for the light colored tile roofs to decrease the temperature. It is also a good idea to re-roof the property with white tiles. The color and nature of the tile will reduce the amount of heat gained by your attic.

Conserve Home Energy

You can even conserve home energy by concentrating on the doors and windows. The doors and windows must be inspected thoroughly to detect air leaks. The air leaks must be fixed immediately, along with applying weather stripping. Similarly, you also need to seal the less obvious spots that can result in energy loss. For instance, the areas around electrical outlets and light switches must be sealed to prevent energy loss.

Save Water

You also need to opt for custom home designs that allow you to save water. It is also important to furnish your bathroom and kitchen with accessories effective in saving water. At the same time, you can further make each member of your family aware of simple ways to avoid water wastage. For instance, the kids must make it a habit to turn off the water while taking shower or brushing their teeth.

In addition to choosing the right custom home designs, it is also important for an individual to implement the design exactly. He can even consider hiring a reliable and experienced residential construction company to build a custom home on time and on budget.

Great Landscaping Ideas for Your Home

Looking for some easy landscaping ideas for your property? Living and relaxing at home is easier if your outdoors (as well as inside) has a green, non-toxic and soothing environment. Eco-friendly landscaping will help “green” the outside of your home. Eco-friendly landscaping isn’t that difficult to do, especially in country areas where you can enjoy the natural beautiful landscape untouched by sidewalks and curbs. But living in suburban areas should not prevent you from living in an Eco-friendly environment like that in the country. The following are three easy landscaping ideas for an Eco-friendly and energy conserving home:

The lawn is, most of the time, the primary cause of so much water consumption in every home. Many people may think that their home is already Eco-friendly because there are so many plants and trees surrounding the house. The truth is, when the types of plants and shrubs in the landscape of your home need special treatment such as expensive fertilizers and frequent watering, you’re not really conserving and preserving energy. Why? That’s because there is no water conservation. Your yard may be filled with green plants, trees and flowers but you may pay so much for fertilizers and use so much water that conservation and energy saving don’t really happen for you.

  • A true Eco-friendly idea for the types of plants is to position drought-friendly plants such as cacti, aloe vera, bluebeard, moonbeam, lamb’s ears and other succulents. These are plants that can tolerate not being watered for many days and still remain beautiful. Other than drought-friendly plants, placing local plants that are used to the type of weather and soil in your area is one of the easy landscaping ideas for the home.
  • Use of Recycled Landscaping Materials. You can make a difference – by utilizing recycled materials in your home landscaping. One example is by keeping in a bag the grass clippings from the lawn to be used as compost. In this way, you’ll be saving money for fertilizers and at the same time, make use out of the lawn’s waste products. It is not only the grass clippings that are useful for compost – the pulled weeds are, too. Make sure though that the weeds are pulled before they seed. Another recycling idea you might use for your landscaping is the use of plastic bottles as plant pots. Flowers and small plants can be placed in these plastic plant pots. You can even decorate the plastic bottles with your own creative flair.
  • Reduce the Lawn Space. As we discussed, the lawn often soaks up too much water. Moreover, larger lawn space means larger gardening work for you to do. One of the easy landscaping ideas you can do at home is to reduce your lawn size. The beauty of the outdoors does not necessarily equate to how large your lawn space is. You can still maintain the green beauty of your home with smaller lawn. After killing those grasses, you can add a fountain, a living space outdoors such as an outdoor dining area or a patio, or decorate with natural stone or a flower garden.